About Spareage Seals

Established in 1952, Spareage Seals is one of the oldest and most experienced seal manufacturer in Europe. 

Spareage Seals offers effective Sealing Solutions for various industrial applications with its in-house designing and mould making facilities.

Spareage Seals now provides a wider range of sizes, profiles, materials and applications, thereby expanding its existing capacity of sealing solutions.

Apart from adding more profiles in its range of Rotary Shaft Seals, in metal and fabrics, Spareage Seals also offers the complete range of hydraulic seals for various applications.

Spareage Seals offers Sealing Solutions for :

  • Steel Mills
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Cement Industry
  • Wind Power Solutions
  • Transportation & Farm Machinery
  • Railways
  • Power Transmission
  • Construction & Mining Equipments
  • Oilfields
  • Marine Machinery
  • Chemical Plants
  • Food & Drugs Industry